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Tailored Therapy For Professionals & Executives

I offer therapy for executives and professionals because I spent 18+ years in corporate America in various management and leadership roles before choosing a new path to become a therapist. In the context of therapy for executives, I help high achieving business people reflect on what their careers mean to them, and how those careers impact their lives – both pluses and minuses.

Because of my varied experience before becoming a therapist, I understand the politics, pressures and challenges as well as the rewards and excitement of working on teams, leading teams, and bridging the gap between top executives and middle management. My therapy clients have appreciated my ability to understand and validate their experiences while also challenging them with alternative points of view.

In therapy with executives and professionals, my clients often uncover patterns of behavior – in their management style or attitudes about work – that they don’t fully understand or haven't reflected upon. Sometimes seeing how these patterns show up in other areas of their lives can be helpful.

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What Challenges Do Executives Seeking Therapy Often Face?

In therapy with executives and professionals, some of the common issues include: 

  • Stress: Having complex goals such as wanting to achieve successful outcomes at work while also wanting to be present in other areas of your life can lead to stress that gets expressed in a variety of ways.

  • Changes in Work-Culture: The culture at work has transformed, especially as companies incorporate remote work and return to office policies. This significant change leads to stress and anixety about job security and personal time.

  • Intergenerational Differences in Workforce: The new generation of workers has very different expectations about work and about addressing their personal needs. Many executives find it challenging to balance giving direction while also providing authentic interaction.

How A Therapist Helps Executives

Having a therapist with corporate experience helps some clients feel more connected and understood.


Therapy for executives and professionals involves seeing patterns that are common in your work life and your personal life. This can provide valuable insight into yourself and how you experience the world around you, and what it means to be present.

Interested In Talking? 

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