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Mike Linthicum

Mental Health Therapy for Individuals & Couples

Do day-to-day demands leave you grappling with:

  • anxiety or depression?

  • strained relationships?

  • burnout and feeling stuck?

In addition to common symptoms we all experience, I also address unique challenges faced by professionals -- doctors, lawyers, and executives. I also have experience working with issues related to the LGBTQ+ community and men in general.

Together, we'll reclaim your emotional well-being and align your personal & professional lives.

Study Room

Therapy To Help You Move Forward

My approach uses therapies of depth, insight, and relationships.  


Humans are a complex and unique combination of nature and nurture. Understanding the environment in which we developed is key to understanding how we interpret and experience the world around us -- including our relationships.


I can help you see and experience yourself in new ways.

My Focus Areas

Having a background in the arts as well as corporate management, and now working as a professional, I bring a unique perspective to the unique challenges faced by people in executive roles and the creative fields. My practice is also attuned to understanding and addressing current issues facing men  -- including gay men -- ensuring a supportive and insightful therapeutic journey.


For people navigating both their unique careers and identities, finding balance can be challenging. Therapy can facilitate a powerful internal transformation where you'll emerge reinvigorated, ready to confidently handle life's challenges that come your way.

I’ll guide you to:

  • Embrace your authenticity and live your truth.

  • Rediscover the resilience and insight within you.

  • Own your decisions and the journey to healing.

  • Stand up for your needs and aspirations.

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