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Mike Linthicum - Therapy For Creatives

Creativity often comes with its own set of unique emotional landscapes, requiring both vulnerability and strength to navigate. In offering therapy for creative people, my goal is to help you hold a space where you can find solace, rejuvenation, and the tools to flourish as an creator and an individual. 

Therapy for creatives comprises those who perform interpretations of work that was created by others, as well as those who create original work from their own inspiration. Both often face rejection and criticism from others regarding their work. It can become difficult to process all of the feedback in a way that fosters more creativity from you as opposed to sparking your doubt and confusion.


Therapy for creatives involves reflecting on what it is that drives you as an individual and as a creator. It’s about exploring what it is about your work that fulfills you and keeps you going.

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What Challenges Do Creatives Seeking Therapy Often Face?

Therapy with creatives usually includes some of the following themes:

  • Stress: One cannot just sit down and “decide” to be creative. Inspiration comes as it does. This leads to stress about producing work and completing projects within a timeline that doesn’t always line up with the timing of your creativity. Together we can explore how this stress impacts you and your life.

  • Relationship Challenges: It is common that creative people struggle to manage time for work along with time for self and others. Within the context of working creatively, relationships with others can be challenging. We will reflect on your key relationships and your various, complex feelings about those relationships.

  • Motivation and Tenacity: It can be incredibly difficult to remain focused on the task at hand when there are other demands on your time. Also, self doubt can creep in and cause you to feel stuck and frustrated. We can work together to find ways to work through these difficult moments. 

How A Therapist Helps Creatives

Therapy for creatives involves sitting with your feelings and thoughts and finding words to express your experience. We will start by developing a connection that feels safe for you, so you can free-associate the thoughts and feelings that are on your mind. It is important for you to do this in an environment that doesn’t judge or criticize your fantasies and desires.


My job is to accompany you on your journey of self reflection. I’ll share with you what I notice along the way. We’ll find patterns that show up in your work as well as in other aspects of your life. We’ll help you accept yourself as you are -- in all of your uniqueness.

Interested In Therapy? 

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