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Schedule a Free Therapy Intro Call

All new clients are eligible for an intro session 

We'll talk about:

  1.  why you want to try therapy

  2.  how we would work together

  3.  answer any of your questions 



Goal:  help you have the information you need & decide if you want to try therapy

I have openings for new patients, there is currently no waitlist.

All inquiries will receive an email response. Together, we’ll figure out a time to chat by phone.

Reach Out

Unsure what to put in your message?

Many clients:

  • write a bit about why they're thinking about therapy

  • offer times for a call

  • or ask about how therapy works

A quick note like, "Hi! I'm thinking about trying therapy because...," is a great way to start.

Sessions are available live in NYC or as video calls in New York State

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