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About Mike

What Working With Me Is Like

There is not just one way or path to being happy. All of us need a safe place to talk about what we're experiencing. Expressing your thoughts and feelings to another person is an essential part of transformation. Not everyone has someone like this in their lives and for those who don't, many use therapy.


I work with my clients in a way that puts them first: person-centered, client-driven, and a working alliance. My approach is influenced by neuroscience, psychodynamic psychothreapy, & existential philosophy. 


I want to help people to see themselves in a new way and feel differently about their lives.

Education, Certificates, & Training:

  • Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling & Postgraduate PhD training towards Counseling Psychology from Fordham University

  • Internal Family Systems & Trauma Informed Interventions

  • Adult Psychotherapist- Individual & Couples Counseling, Humantold, NYC 

  • Psychotherapist & Counselor for Adults with Dual Diagnoses, CASES, NYC

  • Research- Impact of HIV/AIDS on Mental Health of Men Who Have Sex With Men, Individual and Couples Counseling, St. Vincent’s Hospital, NYC

  • Adult Psychotherapist- Adults with Dual Diagnoses, Individual & Group Counseling, Coler Hospital, Roosevelt Island

  • Bachelors of Science in Music Education from University of Maryland

My Background

I've worked in various roles throughout my life. I started as a performing artist. I grew and learned a lot from that experience -- as I have from all of my roles -- but wanted to explore other interests. That included corporate management and leadership roles for 18+ years and going to graduate school. Ultimately I've landed in a field that truly fits my skills, my passion and what feels like a calling.

I believe my varied background gives me an edge in understanding a lot of different life paths. I use this knowledge to help my patients.

Outside of Therapy

I enjoy quality time with friends and family, and I value having time to myself. I enjoy community activities like hiking, motorcycle riding, and travel. I also like to read and spend time reflecting.

Path To Therapy

2017 - Today

Full Time
Mental Health Professional

I’m working now in a profession that fits my skills, interests and fulfills my desire to continue learning. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my other jobs. Having lived through difficult career transitions, my approach to mental health is informed by my personal experience.

2014 - 2017

Transition Period

I left corporate in 2014 which provided an opportunity to make big decisions about my next steps. I considered committing fully to a career as a mental health professional.

1996 - 2014

Corporate America & Graduate School

I began pursuing my education in counseling psychology and mental health. I wound down and out of the performing arts and into business leadership. This led to increasing levels and scope of responsibility. It brought opportunities to travel and work with a variety of people from all over the world.

1985 - 2000

Performing Artist

I worked as a performer, music director and teacher doing contract work, gigs and short-term projects. This brought me to New York city.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Reach Out.

Unsure of what to say?

Many clients:

  • Introduce themselves and why they want to try therapy.

  • Times they can have a call

  • Ask me about how therapy works

Even a short message like, "Hi, I'm thinking about trying therapy because..." is a good way to start.

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