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Mike Linthicum: Specializing in Therapy For Men

I work with therapy clients from many backgrounds, for a variety of reasons many men prefer working with a male therapist. 

I Help Men With:

  • Feeling Stressed

  • Issues With Romantic Partners or Friends

  • Family Conflicts 

  • Undesired Habits

  • Career or Work Issues

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Life Changes

A male therapist helps you talk about issues with the advatnage of shared experience. You can understand what's troubling you and how to improve it without being misunderstood or judged.

What Is Therapy Like?

First, we'll get to know each other.

Then, you decide how we move forward. As you get more familiar with therapy, you'll start feeling comfortable sharing things that you may not have before. It’s like “telling your story” and I'm here to listen and help. We'll look at patterns in your life and try to understand them.


I Work To:

  • Show you what I notice

  • Help you explore and understand where problems come from

  • Help you work on fixing, accepting, or changing things as needed

You pick what we talk about. I'm not here to rush you.


When I see patterns, I'll share them with you – while respecting boundaries.

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Why Do Men Go To Therapy?

From my work with men, I've seen they often are looking for help with:

  • Relationships: feeling uncomfortable, unprepared, or unsure how to talk about what they need or how they feel. This can be with family, a partner, friends, or colleagues. 


  • Feeling Bad About The Past:  whether that's choices or behavior. Living life is hard. NO one is perfect! Learning to forgive yourself is important- then you can move on! 


  • Work Problems: work is important to and for many men. It's where we spend a lot of time and it can really affect how we feel about ourselves and our lives. 


  • Trauma: more men have had tough experience than you might think. These experiences can be hidden or decades ago but will still affect them. It's always possible to heal and feel better, no matter how long ago some thing happened.

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Why Did I Become A Therapist?

I decided to make a career change and help other men after my own time working with a therapist. 

Before I became a therapist, I spent 18 years working in corporate, culminating in management and leadership roles at a Fortune 500 Company.  

My journey informs my approach to therapy and provides valuable experience to draw from as I come to understand your experience--particularly for those navigating similar paths.

Interested In Talking? 

Reach Out.

Schedule a free session with a therapist specializing in therapy for men.

Reach Out

Unsure what to say?

Many clients:

  • Introduce themselves and say a little about why they want to try therapy

  • Offer times they can have a call

  • Ask me about how therapy works

A quick note like, "Hi! I'm thinking about trying therapy because...," is a great way to start.

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