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Gay Couples Therapy
with a gay therapist  I  NYC in-person & online across NYS 

Gay Couples Therapy is tailored to the nuances of same-sex couples. There is no guidebook for any relationship, and our relationship models are often hetero - thus imperfect.


After completing gay couples therapy, the relationship is stronger. Couples understand, care for, and know how to deal with conflict and each other better. 


I want your therapy to be successful, no matter who you work with, because of this all intro calls with me are no charge.

When Is It Time To Try Couples Therapy?

As soon as you're thinking about it. The earlier a couple begins the sooner they can use what they learn to strengthen bonds. When you, your partner, or both are experiencing:

  •  avoiding a conversation(s) 

  •  not understanding each other

  •  outside stress 

  •  family planning topics

  •  intimacy issues

  •  trust challenges

  • "arguing over nothing"

Benefits Of Couples Therapy

  1. More Effective Communication

  2. Improvements In Resolving Conflict

  3. Working Through Relationship Obstacles 

  4. Learn To Cope With Stress, Together

Why Is Couples Therapy With Me Different?
Your Therapist Should Understand "Gay in NYC"

All relationships have challenges, two people are learning to operate together & combine their lives. Friction is normal in all relationships: friendships, families, and romantic.

Gay couples benefit from a therapist who has experience dealing with issues straight couples usually do not:


Family or Religious Acceptance


Open / Poly Considerations

Man with Briefcase

Gendered Expectations

Be You

Differences In Being 'Out'

Psychology Session

Vulnerability or Intimacy

Gay Couple with their Son


How Does Gay Couples Therapy With Me Work?

1. Assessment + Establishing Trust: Together we'll evaluate relationship dynamics & create a trusting environment for honesty. 

2. Identifying Issues: Both partners share & explain their views on the relationship's struggles.

3. Exploring Issues and Emotions: With my help each partner will delve into underlying emotions and how past experiences influence your current relationship dynamics.

4. Developing New Skills:  The couple learns and practices new communication styles & conflict resolution skills.

5. Implementing The Changes: We’ll work on specific goals to enhance the relationship and assess progress.

6. Planning for the Future: As you transition out of therapy, the focus is maintaining your new skills & ways to handle future conflicts.

Headshot of Mike Lithincum, a gay therapist, in front of a brick wall

About Mike 
Supporting Your Journey, Together

Finding the therapist that's right for your relationship is important. I want your therapy to be successful, even if it's with another couple's therapist.

As a gay man with experience in corporate leadership & the arts, I have a perspective that helps me understand a wide variety of gay couples.

Combining neuroscience, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and existential philosophy, my couples therapy is adapted to each couple. I am also available for individual therapy sessions
I am dedicated to helping you strengthen communication, deepen emotional connections, and understand each other better in your relationship.


Education, Certificates, & Training:

  • Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling & Postgraduate PhD training towards Counseling Psychology from Fordham University

  • Internal Family Systems & Trauma Informed Interventions

  • Adult Psychotherapist- Individual & Couples Counseling, Humantold, NYC 

  • Psychotherapist & Counselor for Adults with Dual Diagnoses, CASES, NYC

  • Research- Impact of HIV/AIDS on Mental Health of Men Who Have Sex With Men, Individual and Couples Counseling, St. Vincent’s Hospital, NYC

  • Adult Psychotherapist- Adults with Dual Diagnoses, Individual & Group Counseling, Coler Hospital, Roosevelt Island

  • Bachelors of Science in Music Education from University of Maryland

Every therapy intro call with me is free. There is no charge.

Complimentary Gay Couples Therapy Consultations 

Unsure where to start?

Many clients:

  • Introduce themselves and a little about why they want to try therapy

  • Offer times for a call

  • Ask about how therapy works​

A quick note like, "Hi! I'm thinking about trying therapy because...," is a great way to start.

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