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Image by Clay Banks
Headshot of Mike Lithincum, a gay therapist, in front of a brick wall

Therapy For Gay Men & Couples

I help people from many different backgrounds, but I often work with gay men and couples. I am a gay therapist in NYC & Westchester, I help my LGBTQ patients reflect on how things that happened to them before affect how they feel and live now.

I help with issues that many people feel, like worry, sadness, or stress from everyday life.


Many patients come to me for:

  • Family or Romantic Relationships

  • Couples Therapy

  • Handling Stress at Work
  • Dealing With Past Shame 
  • Confronting The Inner Critic

  • Learning About Who You Are

Why Is A Gay Therapist More Effective? 

You Don't Need To "Explain The Basics." I've Probably Been Through It Too 

I know what it's like to be gay in New York. A therapist who "gets it" can help you see and understand what's going well and what's making life harder than it should be.  

When starting therapy, I want to get to know you to make a place where you feel safe and have trust.


First, we'll reflect on: 

  • What you've been through 

  • How you have handled challenges

  • Your thoughts & feelings

We will spot patterns together and try to figure them out. You will choose what we talk about. I’m not here to push you or tell you what to do.


When I see something you don't, I'll tell you – while respecting boundaries


My role is to:

  • Show you what I’m seeing

  • Help you understand why you feel or act a certain way

  • Help you work though, accept, or change as needed 

It was my own experiences in therapy that led me to pursuing this career so I can help and giving back to the community. Prior to beginning as a therapist I worked as a performing artist & spent 18 years working in corporate, culminating in management and leadership roles at a Fortune 500 Company.  

My own journey helps my approach to therapy and gives me experience to understand what you're going through experience--particularly for those navigating similar paths.

Interested In An Intro Call? 

Reach out below

Schedule a free first call with me and find help for your path back to the real you.

Reach Out

Unsure of what to say

Many clients:

  • Introduce themselves and why they want to try therapy

  • Times they can talk on the phone

  • Ask me about how therapy works


Even a short message like, "Hi, I'm thinking about trying therapy because..." is a good way to start.

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